Low tide facing north

Leadership Team

Executive & Working Group

  • Dr Marissa Dry, President

  • Dr Tiffany Chan, Vice President

  • Dr Deke Botsford, Treasurer

  • Dr Sol Gregory, Past President

  • Dr Geoff Johnson

  • Lauren McKenzie, Registered Midwife

  • Dr Allan Leia

  • Dr Shawn Gill

  • Dr Mark Lund

  • Dr Katherine Miller

  • Dr Natasha Rafo

  • Dr Alexandra Bond

  • Dr Simon Friderichs

  • Leanne Bulmer, Senior Regional Advisor and Advocate, Island, Economics, Advocacy, and Negotiations Department

  • Jody Macdonald, Engagement Partner, Facility and Community Engagement, Supporting the Joint Collaborative Committees


  • Janet MacDonell, Executive Administrator and Project Support